As LGBTTTIQ + pride is celebrated in various countries of the world this month, including Mexico, we resume a wonderful campaign launched by the United Nations Human Rights Office: Free and Equal; which reflects, for those who proclaim that in order to protect culture and tradition, it is sometimes necessary to deny the equal rights of LGBTTTIQ + people, with a simple message: "Culture and tradition should bring us together, not drive us apart".

Going a little deeper into the subject, although cultural traditions are an important part of everyone’s lives, they make them feel identified, they unite them in communities, in families. Some social groups, including governments, use Culture and Tradition as argument to deny universal rights of equality and non-discrimination.

In the particular case of the LGBTTTIQ + community they suffer the use of this argument against them, societies frequently turn a deaf ear to their proclamations with the excuse that they go against traditional and cultural values, even in many cases they use discrimination, repression and violence under this premise.

Diversity, cultural differences, traditions, religions, customs and beliefs are part of the mosaic that unites us as a society, they are not defined or exclusive to certain groups even though they represent the majority of the population, everyone has the right to participate in cultural life of the community where they belong.

Let us keep in mind that this celebration is due to the advances that have been achieved in terms of inclusion, visibility, decriminalization of a way of life, that along the way repression has even claimed the lives of people who have fought to achieve these terms, and that there is still much to do, to ensure that the equality described in article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1947 is respected:

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one other in a spirit of brotherhood.”

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We share the link of a series of videos that are part of the #Cultureoflove campaign:

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