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It is said that to be an artisan is to heal the soul with your hands and nothing is truer than that, especially when the process of creating begins when one, two, three or thousands of ideas spin around. It can be days or weeks and nothing comes. The idea wanders... comes and goes... sometimes stops and becomes infatuated. It is not easy, inspiration does not always come as if by magic, you have to work on it. That includes learning, researching, experimenting, but also being wrong, frustrated, absent. And suddenly there, a spark ignites, begins to grow and grow, to take shape, invades the emotion and no longer stops.

Hello! My name is Marcela Cantú, I am a designer - craftswoman of textile jewelry.

The   restlessness to design accessories came when I was a little girl being fascinated of crafts and creative work.

I was born in Tepic, Nayarit and at 18 I moved to Guadalajara, Jalisco where I studied Interior Design, a city that has since adopted me. After finishing my studies I had the opportunity to live a year in Florence, Italy where I delved more into design. Different paths led me to take a turn in my studies, until I finally found my true vocation: to use my hands to create. That is why I decided to focus that zest and started designing accessories.

I had the experience of having a boutique dedicated to Mexican design in the city of Guadalajara, thanks to that undertaking I acquired different knowledge in business administration and management. But it was time to close cycles and that same project turned it into a virtual business, when social networks began to develop. That allowed me to fulfill another dream that had been brewing for a while and then I went to live in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a while. An unforgettable experience that left me a great learning experience in my area. Curiously it was in that city where my fascination for textile art was born,   I discovered the qualities of leather and experimented with pieces that combined both techniques.

Upon returning to Mexico, I was full of ideas and I felt a strong need to know and recognize the craft of our artisans, to reconnect with our roots. I lived that connection directly when I met Juana Victoria, a teacher of the backstrap loom, originally from the Highlands of Chiapas. Seeing her on her loom, I saw the magic in those interlocking threads that gradually took the shape that her loving hands ordered. It was thanks to her that I began to get in touch with people in charge of different cooperatives, thus ensuring fair treatment and trade among their collaborators. I am aware that trade today must and has to   be more human. That is why in each collection that I present, I incorporate materials that have been made by artisans from communities that dedicate their time to keeping their traditions alive and that give us a piece of their identity.

Piú was born as a brand in 2001 and on that path it has evolved and mutated. Like any activity, there have been ups and downs, but in the end the satisfactions have been very pleasant.

Among those joys I have had participations that leave me with unforgettable memories, including when I was called to design accessories for the Mexican brand André Badi on its catwalk to   the 2007 Mexico's Fashion Week.

Once I showcased and sold a collection at the Folk Art Museum's Boutique in New York City.

Sapica (International Footwear and Leather Goods Fair) was part of these experiences, when I designed a collection of accessories for the Mexican brand's catwalk, in the city of León, Guanajuato.

But the greatest satisfaction I can have is when someone acquires a piece of my creation.

Because I know that person has a special sensitivity that understands   and values craftsmanship work and the love with which they are carried out, that is when the cycle is completed.

On this creative path, there are encounters that encourage you to continue with your dream, and this is the case of the boys from BALDA, a project that captivated me from the first encounter by sharing the same principles of fair trade, support for the artisan and promotion of Mexican brands. .

I am very happy and grateful to have opened the doors to your space always with a respectful and friendly treatment.

For them I collaborate with pieces that are part of my 2020 ELEMENTS collection.

This collection is inspired by the 5 elements of Chinese culture: fire, earth, wood, water and metal, elements that symbolize the cyclical energy of the universe, which connects with our essence and is capable of interacting with each atom of our essence.

Each design I make has a special place for me and the idea of creating unique pieces is that each one conserves its essence and that first “spark” with which it was conceived.

Even so I have some favorite pieces, one of them is the Cosmos necklace that you find in the selection   chosen for Balda, because in it I represent the duality of 2 elements: the firmness of the metal that   yields to the softness of the fabric and joins the texture of the cotton threads.

I am inspired by the love for Mexico, each collection travels between colors and nuances that is enriched by the experiences that mark my path. I am passionate about what I do and I firmly believe that we can improve the conditions of a small environment to improve the rest.

Thanks for reading me.

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